Eucharistic Ministry

Eucharistic Ministry



Dr. Paul Amuchie     (Member)
Dr. Roseline Amuchie         (Member)



Lady Nwakego Mmeje  (Member) 
Dr. Paul Amuchie  (Member)
SK Cornel Mbaeru Mmeje  (Member) 
Sister Carol  (Member) 



We are Parishioners of St Eugene Catholic Church who have volunteered to be trained, and commissioned to serve the Holy Eucharist to St. Eugene Congregation and other Catholic places when needed.



Our Mission is the same as has already been established by St. Eugene Catholic Church of  Los Angeles.


Membership (Criteria)

  • Be 18 years or over;
  • Be a Registered Member of St Eugene Catholic Church;
  • Must be officially trained here to serve.



  • Serve the Holy Eucharist;
  • Attend Annual Refresher Course;
  • Follow the directions of our Parish Priest.



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ArchDiocese of Los Angeles


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St. Eugene's Parish Community, a home for all, invites others to join us in expressing love for Christ with rich fulfilling worship services, spiritually supported religious educational programs, and share with us in the sacraments that strengthen and spiritually nourish our ministries and magnify God's name.

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